Binary Options Review UK is your free guide to the best and most trustworthy binary options platforms and brokers online. With the guide you can find the right binary options brokers, and avoid being scammed by one of the less trustworthy online binary options brokers.

Please be aware that does not recommend a specific binary options broker, but only contains information regarding the existing binary options brokers online, such as the regulation, size and benefits of the brokers, assessed through different parameters that are fundamental for reviews of the chosen binary options brokers. This website only reviews the largest binary options platforms (such as the top three, BDSwiss, anyoption and 24Option) in the different parts of the world, plus a couple of interesting newcomers that originated from experienced industry people (such as Option888).

Binary options explained

Binary options, or digital options, or fixed-return options are options that have a predetermined payout that is onset in a contract if your bet was right. If your bet was wrong you lose the money you put on the bet – or at least some of the money that you put into the bet (depending on the contract you made with the binary options broker). Furthermore, it is important to underline that a binary option cannot be sold before its expiration.

What is important when choosing a binary options broker?

When choosing a binary options broker and trading platform, the most important things to look for are the following:

  1. Is the binary options broker a market leader?
  2. Is the broker regulated?
  3. What is the broker’s return to the customers?
  4. Does the broker provide a bonus?
  5. What are the bonus terms?
  6. Does the broker provide a free demo account?
  7. What is the quality of the broker’s support function?
  8. What are the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts?

Why do investors trade binary options?

Binary option are becoming more and more popular, especially in Europe – but why is that? Here are some of the most important reasons why binary options are becoming more and more popular:

  • Binary options is an easy gateway to the financial markets> Binary options might not be the most lucrative way for financial experts to ean money, but for newcomers it is a great way of learning about the finacial markets.
  • You can never lose more that you gamble. In extreme situations with a very volatile market, you can lose more than your initial investment in other kinds of derivates such as CFDs – but not in binary options, where you can’t lose more than you originally invested.
  • Gambling on financial markets is exciting> The gambling aspect of binary options is definitely one reason for the rise of the popularity of binary options.
  • It is useful for hedging. Binary options is also used to hedge more long-term investments, thereby reducing losses in other investments.

We do not recommend, but only test.

All brokers on this website will be reviewed according to the elements listed amove. The binary options broker reviews where the brokers does well on most of the key elements will receive a rating from one to three stars. Stars on binary options reviews are like hotel stars – the stars do not mean that we advise you to become a client with the broker; but only that the broker has performed well on the parameters that we consider to be important for a trader looking for a binary options broker. In the same way that five stars for a hotel does not nessesarily mean that the hotel is a world-class hotel; but that the hotel have a lot of different services and facilities available.